Founded well over a century ago by the Atkinson family Atkinsons butchers LTD has been at the centre of village life. Employing and serving local people has always been very important to the continuation of trade in the village.

However in the 20th century the business changed hands for the first time. Although retaining name this very special business is now in possession of brothers John and Paul Mallinson who have retained the character and nature of the shop while investigating wisely in expanding the size of the building and also the range of products in stock.

The shop is now an aladins cave of specialist goods. While Primarily the brothers pride themselves in being high class family butchers. They have adapted their overall profile to incorporate a delicattesin section which has on offer at any time some forty to fifty english and continental cheeses, olives, parma ham, pancettas and have recently started providing a Yorkshire game salami. Delicious dry cured bacon and hams what are sliced and cut to order. All go to compliment the large range of goods on offer.

John and Paul believe that personal service and traditional values combined with quality of produce and a very modern outlook will always be a winning combination.